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A submission to is not automatically published and also may appear in the Print version of Riding On Magazine.

Only high-quality images can be submitted.

All content submitted is reviewed and once approved will appear directly on this website in the relevant section.


31st October for Summer (Dec) issue

31st January for Autumn (March) issue

30th April for Winter (June) issue

31st July for Spring (September) issue


My name, likeness, opinion and Ulysses Club member number will be published with my submission;

The Editor may edit the contribution entirely at their sole discretion;

All copyright and other rights from my contribution are assigned to and shall be the property of the publishers of Riding On / Ulysses Club Inc in perpetuity throughout the universe;

The editor may reproduce my contribution in its various versions and associated promotional material, and the finished material may be distributed throughout the world by any means and shown on any available format;

The editor shall not be obliged to use the contribution in any form;

The Editor will provide a credit where appropriate, but it is entirely at the discretion of the editor;

I understand that in agreeing to allow the Editor to use my contribution I may not later change my mind.



  • Open to Ulysses Club Members only.
  • Upload Photos:
    • High definition quality photos as JPG or PNG.
    • Not embedded in Word Document.
    • Not scanned or blurry.
  • Upload Submission:
    • Word Document.
    • Not PDF.
    • Not as a Powerpoint.


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