Editorial 1-9-16


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The urge to grow old disgracefully solidified in my cranial tissue while I was sitting under a pine tree at Sydney’s Newport beach in 1986, keeping an eye on my K100RT and sipping a latte.  Flicking through a bike mag, I stumbled on an article about some crazy Pommie immigrant who had started an Aussie motorcycle club catering to old farts.  Since I’d just turned 40 and had held a bike licence for yonks, I was intrigued to learn that I was eligible to join.  Sure, full membership required another decade of birthdays, but that wasn’t the point.  The aims of the Club seemed pretty solid; ride, sleep, eat, repeat – all in the company of like-minded enthusiasts!  I immediately cancelled my subscription to Rent-A-Friend and sent the Pommie my cash.  And it wasn’t a scam!  Within days membership #813 and an Ol’ Man sticker hit my mailbox. STOKED!

Since then the world has shifted on its axis.  Two-strokes were buried with the NSR500 and horses, telegrams and postage stamps have been replaced by zeros and ones.    The anaemic Riding On mag of yesteryear has matured into a classy full-colour mega-entertaining rag.  And then,,,, there’s this website.

This website?

At the moment you are beholding an embryonic incarnation, one which will mature and grow as YOU nurture it and contribute.  Built on an all-new-late-tech platform, we will be adding a host of new member services in the coming weeks.  Not only can you access current and past issues of the Riding On mag, but you will soon….. well, stay tuned, often!

Keep your gudgeon pins lubricated

Johnnnyb ~ Editor


PS ~ If you’re one of those who gets the urge to write a letter or send a message after the red wine kicks in, I’m game if you are!

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