Dot Camerer #23934


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Congratulations to our new editor on a great issue. But the cover started curling up after a couple of days. Hahaha!

I like the total look of the latest issue of Riding On.

I enjoyed reading your Editorial and seeing your photo, which make “getting to know you” easier. (Incidentally, your face seems familiar.) It was good to see more photos sitting
straight on the page, with only a few on an angle. I also like the Letters to the Editor being close to the front. And a great
front cover!

All in all, an issue that invited me to read as soon as I opened it. Thanks again, Gary. I’m glad you got the job!

Warm wishes.
Dot Camerer # 23934
Editor (for 16 years), of The Ithaca Times, newsletter
of Perth Branch.

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