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Mike Meyman #6451

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APOLOGY: This letter from Mike Meyman #6451, Retired Director of the 2016 AGM Event in Launceston, was to have run in our winter edition. We don’t know where it got lost but we know it did get lost. We recognise the seriousness of the issue, Mike. Sorry.

Hi all,

Thanks to all the Members and guests who made the trip to our island State of Tasmania for the 2016 AGM Event in Launceston.

On behalf of our entire Organising Committee I hope you enjoyed your trip here (from reports we have heard back since, the vast majority did). Many spent some time before, after, or both, to explore our island home. Time well spent, and we welcome you back anytime for another visit.

One thing I must comment on, though, is the total disrespect some members showed towards some of our volunteers. For those who don’t know, these Events are very complex, take a long time to organise and are a huge, huge drain on the organising crew and the volunteers on site, before and during the Event.

It was brought to my attention during the Event that some of our Committee Members and Volunteers were verbally abused, quite strongly, by a small number of members, just because things weren’t going their way.

We apologise that everything was not red carpet and rose petals everywhere for those who may be used to those luxuries, and we may not have had a perfect site, but we had to make do with what we had. So there was no need at all to take it out on our volunteers, it is just not acceptable.

We are all members of this one Ulysses Club and our volunteers are doing their best, for no payment, so everyone can enjoy your holiday.

It was also noted these particular members refused to do a volunteer shift when challenged.

In closing, I thank again, all Committee Members and Volunteers (approximately 480) for your untiring dedication and hard work in putting together and running the 2016 AGM Event. You are all heroes and we couldn’t do it without you.

Mike Meyman #6451

Retired Director
2016 AGM Event

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