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Old Number 1 would be amazed

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Dear Editor;

I still remember the only time I met Stephen Dearnley. It was 2010 and we had just held the first European Gathering of Ulysses Clubs and Stephen wanted to meet us to find out what it was like. He loved the idea of Ulysseans from various countries coming together in the spirit of friendship and camaraderie. The European Gatherings have developed since then. They are now held annually and organised alternately by the European clubs.

I am sure Stephen would have been just as fascinated to see a similar development in Africa now. From 23 June to 25 June, 2017, the Ulysses Club, Zimbabwe, held the First International Ulysses Indaba at Victoria Falls. About 130 Ulysseans attended the Indaba, which was perfectly organised.

The Ulysses Club is still a social club for mature riders; there is no doubt about that. But it has also developed in a new direction, which Stephen could not foresee. It gives riders from different countries the chance to get to know each other, each other’s countries, to socialise and to develop friendships.

We were fortunate to be able to attend the European as well as the African Gathering in June 2017. It was a tremendous experience to meet Ulysseans from so many different countries. Wherever we were, we knew we were among friends.

Thank you very much to Ulysses Zimbabwe, above all, Mark Salthouse and Natalie McMaster for organising the Indaba.

Thank you to Ulysses Johannesburg North,especially to Steve DeVilliers for organising a 3000 kilometre round trip from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls and for giving us the chance to be part of his group.

Gernot and Waltraud Minig

Ulysses Club Germany


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