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Okay, but how disgraceful??

In the Spring edition of Riding On,, editor, Gary Warner, commented on the gradual disappearance of the Club’s Old Man logo from flyers, posters and general communication. Having a little time to spare, I examined the logo to view the somewhat cheesy grinning, bearded guy with the proud motto, “Grow Old Disgracefully”.

Now, being a questioning type of person, I wondered what disgraceful deeds I was expected to perform to be a “ridgie-didge, bona-fide” Ulyssean? Should I be hooning in public, perfecting burnouts and doughnuts at morning and afternoon ride breaks? Should I cover my body with tattoos and my riding jacket with questionable patches? Should I go year to year without combing, let alone cutting, the few locks remaining under my helmet? Should I wear the same clothes for months at a time, ensuring both members and the general public can detect my presence with their noses about the same time they hear the roar of my straight through exhausts? Should I work on my vocabulary to ensure it becomes as colourful as a clipper sailor of yesteryear, or polish up my swearing to the raw creativity of a gun shearer from Oodnadatta?

According to The Macquarie Dictionary “disgracefully” is acting in a dishonourable manner or to a dishonourable degree.

According to The Macquarie Dictionary “disgracefully” is acting in a dishonourable manner or to a dishonourable degree. It further offers other words associated with this meaning: ingloriously, shamefully, discreditably; ending with its origin as “gracelessly”, as in the opposite of “gracefully”.

Well, what does all this mean? What to do, plan or suggest from here? For me, a Ulyssean of nearly eight years, together with my fellow Southern Tasmanian Branch members, what evidence do we show to prove we are living up to our motto?

I would like to issue a challenge to gather and provide such evidence to our beloved Secretary, who could then report to National that we are indeed true and worthy Ulysseans, living our lives disgracefully. Perhaps this may even become a coveted trophy to be awarded annually. Furthermore, does this mean office bearers must be authenticated, disgraceful persons? The higher the office, the greater the level of disgracefulness? The road is long and winding indeed.

I offer these photos as possible evidence of “disgracefulness”.

Michael Tong Lee #52598


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