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This is I have a little story about honesty.

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On a recent Friday, five members of Mackay Branch, on four bikes, headed off to Townsville, a distance of 400kms, to attend the Cowboys/Melbourne Storm NRL match.

After travelling 200kms, we pulled in for fuel at the Delta servo just north of Bowen. One of our group, Noel, finished fuelling, then reached for his wallet, which he'd stowed in the side pocket of his soft luggage bag. He was less than amused to find the zip open and the wallet was gone!

Another of our group paid for Noel's fuel, whilst he adjourned to the parking area, in order to ring his wife to begin cancelling credit cards. Once the phone was in hand, Noel found a voice message from a fellow who said he had found the wallet laying on the road north of Proserpine, some 80kms back. He asked Noel where he was, and the reply, "Delta, north of Bowen", was met with laughter. "I'm just pulling in there!"

And sure enough, in less than a minute a LandCruiser arrived, with a fellow waving the errant wallet. He told us he spotted the wallet on the road, with $50 notes blowing about. He scooped up the notes and credit cards, and found a membership card for Souths, a Mackay footy club. A phone call to them revealed Noel's mobile number, and the welcome call was made.

End result - one missing $50 note, and one missing credit card, which was only used on overseas trips, and contained no funds.

The good Samaritan refused any compensation, saying he was only too happy to help. BTW, they were also heading to the game, their young son playing in a junior game as curtain-raiser to the main event.

We continued on our merry way, with no further incidents. It turned out to be a great weekend away.

Postmortem: The zipper was either left open or worked its way open during the first 120k leg. The wallet was found just beyond a cane rail crossing, which has a particularly nasty bump in it, and that's probably what caused the wallet to pop out.

And my team, Storm, won 26-8, much to Noel's annoyance. You see, he's a Cowboys fan!

Jeff McKenzie



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