Gympie Branch recently held an open day


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Gympie Branch recently held an open day at a lovely little country hall at Kia Ora (just out of Gympie), which seems to be more of a Rural area than a township but it is a very nice and friendly area where the people band together to help and support each other.
So a few months ago I received an email from the President of the Kia Ora Memorial Hall Inc. committee who I am sure had been in touch with our previous Secretary. So I replied to her and enquired about their organization, thinking that it could be something worth looking into.
Since I am also responsible for producing our “Weekly News Update” I sent out an invitation for any of our members to accompany me on a ride to Kia Ora to join these people in their very first Coffee morning and to check the premises out as an idea for any of our future events. The sad thing was that I only had one taker on the ride so we set off on the first Friday of the month (June or July I think it was) and we walked in and introduced ourselves as being representatives of the Gympie Branch of the Ulysses Club.

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We were made so welcome that I felt that we really must help these people by supporting them.
There is quite a story behind the Kia Ora Memorial Hall which was built just after WWII. It fell derelict and stayed that way for many years and this small group of people were bringing life back into it and they were doing a fantastic job as well.
I saw our chance to have an event of some kind there so I took the idea back to the next Branch Committee meeting and our President (Ian Macaulay) backed me and he came up with the idea of holding an “Open Day” which was in my mind somewhere where we could show off our beloved bikes and any attachments that we might also have such as trailers, sidecars and caravans.

Well, I was so surprised on the day when we started to see motorbikes roll up. Mine was the only one with a trailer and Ian’s sidecar was accompanied by only one other bike with a sidecar which was also towing a teardrop caravan owned by one of our long lost members who came out of the woodwork especially for this event. All up I think there were about twenty eight or more motorbikes which is way more than we usually get on any ride or at any event. Our President Ian Macaulay presided over the bar-b-cuing of sausages and onions helped by his partner Robyn. The day was open to the public and friends alike. It was a great day for both the branch and the Kia Ora hall committee. We believe we may have gained 3 new members from our day should they carry through with their application for membership.

Basically, I feel that it was probably the best event that I have seen that was organized by the Gympie Branch since I moved up here in November 2012. I was so excited and I said to Ian that we should strike while the iron is hot and see if we can keep the interest going now that we have their attention. So we are attending a “Meet ‘n Greet” with three or four other branches from this part of Qld.
Please forgive me for being so long winded in getting to the point but I am still very excited about how well the day went last Saturday. It was a landmark event and I will not forget it in a hurry.
I’m sure that once the other members read the story it might make them realise that they really do have a good albeit small but functional Branch of the Ulysses Club and can make a difference.
Wayne Wesling and Helen Corelli

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