Ipswich Branch at the Bike Night

It was really good to see the Ulysses Club's Ipswich Branch supporting the Ipswich Bike Night recently.

The first Ipswich Bike Night last Saturday (January 7, 2017) at the Ipswich Country Club was a huge success, attracting about 300 bikes, including 40 for the show and shine.

“I wasn’t too sure how many we would get,” Brad says.

“However, we did have a big backing by the Ipswich Ulysses Club, so we were quite impressed with the turnout.

“I was thinking we might stage it once a quarter but we are now planning them every second month.”

With Australian motorcycle sales the highest since 2009 and the fifth highest in history, motorcycling is currently booming and riders need more successful events and nights like this.

We know that members of the Ulysses Club are keen supporters of gatherings and bike events, being out and about at a Bike Night is a perfect excuse!

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