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Last month, our branch organised a birthday party for its 20th anniversary. The Port Stephens Group was formed in Nelson Bay on 20th June 1999, and over the years grew to become one of the most envied branches in the eastern states.

It was renowned for its great midweek and Sunday rides, along the coast and around the Hunter Valley vineyards – and of course, its legendary Meet & Greet events.

Ulysseans would travel from interstate to participate in our awesome social occasions, including NatCom hierarchy!

Unfortunately, our members have aged (strange, that!) and a number of them have ridden on, a number have hung up their spurs, and our biking numbers have dwindled.

Sadly, in this frantic modern world, younger riders no longer seem to have the time or the need to join clubs, and we have struggled to maintain our very existence as a branch… but with a loyal small bunch of core members we have prevailed!

We were fortunate to have 58 acceptances for our birthday, and eight of our original foundation members attended! There were also lots of ex-members who have either stopped riding or moved away. The day was crammed with happy reunions and the air filled with laughter, and a lot of old tales were recounted, quite often exaggerated somewhat. “What happens on the road stays on the road” seemed to be forgotten, for that occasion!

All-in-all everyone present had a damned good time, and for the real stayers, the luncheon carried through ‘til almost dinner time. What a beaut day with very special mates, and my thanks to those who assisted in setting it up!

Congratulations Port Stephens Branch. Let’s do it again for our quarter-century!

Bob Lucas # 32872

Webmaster/Newsletter Editor

Port Stephens Branch

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