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“Relay for Life” – Sat 4th May, ‘19

Well… Here we go again to support one of the best charitable organisations in Australia – ”Relay for Life”.

We are just a few motorcycle guys and girls (about 13 turned up), supporting a very worthwhile charity. “Relay for Life” is a massive Cancer Care Organisation across the Nation, working in many Towns and Cities to support the survivors of cancer and carers of cancer patients. It is by becoming activists, and caring participants of such a worthy cause that we can all excel.

“Relay for Life” is just not at Wanda Beach Cronulla, N.S.W., but all over Australia to support those suffering, and those caring. It’s an amazing organisation, supported by thousands to walk, run and care for those less fortunate than us.

It is our pleasure to support such an amazing Organisation.

We do very little. Just a couple of old guys, running rides for pillions from Cronulla to Kurnell. But the conversations begin on many a topic. We don’t talk about suffering and pain; just “how ya goin’?” – “So good to be on a bike etc.” Many of these guys and kids are just enjoying the ride.

I took a young guy as a pillion, who kept saying “Kids be careful – He isn’t that Old”. Na, he was their Teacher from Bosko’s at Engadine. Leon told me stories of how his “kids” were asked to support the organisation by raising $90.00 to participate. One hundred and thirty-seven kids did. The entry fee was $30.00 and they paid it all. We later spoke about how they were going… “Well we ask Years 11 and 12 to donate at least 30 hours each year to Community and Social Services. “Many exceed this amount.” My Comment was “What a great resume item”.

The day went well. Many a pillion, had a good ride. We spoke when we could, and talked about the Shire and Kurnell, Whale Watching etc.

The weather, started inclement, but subsided. “The Weather Gods were kind”.

We arrived at about 10:00 and started taking pillions to Kurnell, Silver Beach, etc.

All good. The “Relay for Life Guys” looked after us as usual – so good, coffee, drinks, lunch, cakes etc. etc.

So many Ulysses Clubs should also participate in this fabulous cause around Australia.

It was amazing that last year a woman asked me, “who pays for your fuel?” “Well if you don’t know, who cares!!!” Some people just don’t get it! “If you don’t care, you just don’t get back what you deliver” – “it ain’t about money – it’s about caring”.

God Bless “Relay for Life”. They are an amazing organisation, probably raising over $400,000 this year alone – Just from Cronulla.

How good is that?



Ride Captain

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