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The Victorian Breakfast Club celebrated its fifth birthday in January this year. It started from an idea YIO (Dean Wells) Kimi (Max Vulling) and me (olfrt) had, that we should copy the Sydney group that met once a month for breakfast. Their group is called the BBC, for Brooklyn Breakfast Club, they meet regularly at the Brooklyn marina cafe.

We started organising a meeting point, and shamelessly copied the Sydney group’s name, but being in Victoria we thought it could be in Melbourne, and we found a nice restaurant on the edge of the city called the Rickets point teahouse, in Beaumaris. Thus, making the name, Beaumaris Breakfast Club.

Despite putting the word out via the Ulysses forum, (which was fairly active at the time), and telling everybody we could, only the three of us turned up.  We had a chat about it and decided to try it in a different location each month, thus allowing different Branches and members to attend. The second meeting we organised was at Yea, central (ish) Victoria, and easy to get to. YIO was the only one who attended that one, Max was somewhere else, and it was just too hot to ride from here, (Rochester, Vic) over 45c. Deans excellent report on the meeting is still on the forum page under Rallies and Get Togethers, and tells his story.

The following months meetup was at Seymour, where we had about six members turn up. Shortly after this, Dean went to his warmer climes for his annual pilgrimage, and Max went overseas for a touring holiday of the USA. I decided to keep it going and see what eventuated.

From there, it has continued to grow, getting up to seventy members at a small country town called Rushworth, near Shepparton.  It now gathers about an average of sixty members to each breakfast.

Some branches now use the VBC as their branch monthly rides, but there is still a lot of members that just like to ride for breakfast with some people that they don’t know yet. The most successful ones seem to be in smaller towns a bit off the beaten track. Case in point, In August we had a brekkie at Boort, it was a drizzly winters Victorian day, yet 40 plus people turned up for a bit of brekky, a chat, and to meet others of the same mindset.

Another one that started a bit of a trend was held at Lalbert, near Swan Hill. Because it was so out of the way, I asked the shop owners if they knew of a campground in the area. People had started to head to the VBC’s on Friday arvo, thus reducing the distance for early morning rides. The shop owners offered the use of the yard out the back of the shop, and mowed it, levelled it and put on a Friday night BBQ for early arrivals. They also put a couple of caravans onsite for people to use at no cost. We expected maybe 6 people for the BBQ, and maybe 20 for Saturday, Lalbert being so out of the way. Friday night had people from Stawell, Ballarat and Echuca stay, about 12 all up, luckily there was enough food for us, and over 40 turned up on Saturday (including 3 from South Australia). It was a terrific success.

There has been a couple held at Branch Saturday meeting places, but these artificially inflate the attendance. It does give members the opportunity to see how it works though, and invariably some come along to the next one. I always say it’s the quality of the people that turn up that makes it, not the quantity.

The Friday night’s prior has now become almost an event on their own. We are now getting up to 25 at a dinner at a pub or caravan park close to where the brekkie will be. (I prefer the cook ups at the caravan parks).

I decided we should celebrate it at the same cafe that it had started at. I rang the cafe and asked if they would be able to serve brekkies to about 60 odd

January this year was the fifth anniversary of the beginning of this great event. I decided we should celebrate it at the same cafe that it had started at. I rang the cafe and asked if they would be able to serve brekkies to about 60 odd (some very odd?) people. He was happy to do it.  Quite a few of us organized accommodation in the area and met up for tea at Antique Motorcycles (in nearby Cheltenham) on Friday night. I took a wild guess and booked a table for 15, and that is exactly how many turned up.

On the Saturday morning my wife and I arrived right on 9.30 starting time and were absolutely gobsmacked at the amount of people already there. We ended up with 103 members from all over Victoria, and our constant South Australian attendees.

I try to promote the idea that these are for members and their friends and families, many bring along extras, some use the brekkies as an excuse to visit relatives either on the way to, or from VBC’s. There are no rules. Sometimes we raffle a bottle of wine, which is meant to be replaced and offered at the next one, hopefully a different bottle, although one appeared to be the same at a few different meetups.!

It’s just a good excuse for a get together and a good chinwag.

In January this year, the VBC celebrated its fifth birthday, here is a pic from the beach behind the cafe, right on the beach.

The VBC meet on the second Saturday of every month at a difference location each time.

Somewhere in Victoria

Details are published in the Victorian Information Bulletin, (VIB). Check out our Facebook page, Victorian Breakfast Club.

Paul Butler #17758 Sec.

Echuca Branch Ulysses Inc.

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