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UCARF and riding with Arthritis

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Ulysses Club members have always been generous people and right from the start have opened their hearts to worthy causes. At the Wagga AGM in 1997 it was decided that in the absence of a specific alternative, the Ulysses Club would designate research into arthritis as its own preferred charity.
The impetus for the choice came from the death at only 72 the previous year of Jo Dearnley who finally lost a 20-year battle against rheumatoid arthritis. Because arthritis is so slow, insidious, painful and debilitating it does not attract the same publicity as the more obvious and ‘dramatic’ diseases, yet not only is it by far the most common cause of painful and severe handicap in this country, it can also be deadly.

Along the way  the Ulysses Club Arthritis Research Fund (UCARF) was created, and is voluntarily administered by the club thus ensuring that every cent raised by branches and members is directed to scientific research. Unlike many other charitable causes none of the funds are diminished due to administration and other related costs.

In a recent article about Arthritis and riding with pain, in his article on MotorbikeWriter, author Mark Hinchcliffe commented

Riders like to think of themselves as tough and will ride through pain, heat, cold, rain and other adversities to do what they love – riding!

But chronic pain such as arthritis is sidelining more and more riders as the average age of riders continues to grow each year.

In recent years I’ve been sidelined on occasions by injuries and various aches and pains from my advancing years.

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Mark sought advice from Kim Kennerson, the UCARF coordinator.

National Coordinator for the Ulysses Club Arthritis Research Fund (UCARF) and past National President Kim Kennerson eagerly replied with the following list of tips that not only apply to rheumatoid arthritis but many other chronic pain issues

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