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IT took a moment for me to `get it’ about Nearview riding glasses.

Okay, so your vision is not what it used to be, you don’t go anywhere without a pair of reading glasses, but thankfully no problems with long distance. Mind you, reading the speedo has become a bit hit and miss. Join the club!

Near views look like hundreds of other plastic lens sunglasses on sale around the world, but these things are pretty damn clever.

Tinted or clear, both lenses have the same neutral view of the road ahead, but at the bottom of each lens is a small `patch’ of optically corrected plastic lens.

Whether they are glued or welded to the main lens, I don’t know, but they work!

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You order according to your prescription, which was a bit seat-of-the-pants as my optician uses a different system. The bifocals are available in +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 and +3.0. (I took a guess at a 2.0 and it seems about right.)

Whether they are glued or welded to the main lens, I don’t know, but they work!

Don’t tilt your head to check instruments, sort of just roll your focus and you find yourself looking through the bifocals, clear as a bell.

Now, this is something I really like; the bifocals are telling your brain that the vision is fine, so your eyes do not have to refocus when you change which view you are using. That means a better view in general, and a possible reduction in eye fatigue. (NB I say “possible” because it makes sense to me, it’s just my own observation.)

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Easier and more accurate viewing of your instruments, speedo or GPS is hard to resist, and the lightweight frames are super flexible. Best of all, the arms) are very flat so they slide easily between your head and helmet, really comfortable.

Available as an optional extra is the Positive Dust Seal, it clips in and out of the frames to protect against fine dust, pollen, other irritants and peripheral light.

Yes, they work. And at $38.95, yes, I like them.

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