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Review – Sun Blocker

Sun Blocker
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SOMETIMES, two different things work together so well they almost seem to have been made for each other – like this odd couple.

In our Summer edition, I said the Super-Visor was a solution to being blinded by glare. It worked well, until I did a nosedive into gravel and destroyed the Super-Visor, along with my helmet, and my bike…

With a new helmet (yes, and a new bike), the glare problem was back, until I discovered the Sun Blocker.

This is sort of a “poor man’s version” of those very expensive helmets with built-in sunshades (and I’m a poor man, so it already looked like a winner!)

It is a strip of material that looks like vinyl, the package doesn’t actually say what it is, only that it was “originally developed for aviation”.

Following the instructions (read them CAREFULLY), I had the Sun Blocker in position inside the face shield in a couple of minutes.

Squeeze out air bubbles with your fingers and a paper towel, leave it to dry for an hour, and you’re ready to go.

And the best part is, carefully peel it off and you can use it again on another helmet.

One size fits all unless your helmet is an Arai, there is a specific shape for that.

Sold by Rocky Creek Designs for just $15.95 (plus postage), it won me completely.


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Devil Wipes

How many servos have detergent in their windscreen buckets? Not enough!

Cleaning all those bugs off your visor can be a pain, which is why Michael Spiller came up with Devil Wipes.

These pre-moistened cleaning wipes are made to carry in your jacket pocket, they easily remove bugs, dust, road grime and fingerprints from your visor.

Handy is the word for them, they come in a re-sealable package of eight wipes.

I found each wipe to be good for up to four uses, by then the wipe is getting a bit dry.

However, the dry wipe is then perfect for giving the visor a final polish, as the solution is free of any abrasive, alcohol, ammonia or petrochemicals.

Davil Wipes are safe for use on poly carbonate and tinted face shields and lenses.

They are well priced too, at just $7.95 for each pack of eight Devil Wipes.

Devil Wipes are a solution on the move, Michael points out that once home, warm water and detergent is the way to go.

And that name?

Michael Spiller is a proud Tasmanian (he is also a Ulyssean), and ten cents from each pack sold is donated to the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal.

Distributors are being signed up around Australia, to find your nearest stockist visit


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