Super-Visor review

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An end to the sunny salute

THIS device has been around for a while, but I had never seen one until a few weeks ago.

Spotting it on the helmet of riding mate Peter B, I learned that it is called the Super-Visor, is made under a patent in the USA and sold in Australia by Rocky Creek Designs.

Taking the plunge, I bought two, a black one for my Kabuto full-face and white for my M2R open-face. Super-Visor can only be used on an open-face helmet if it is fitted with a face shield, so I was okay.

It is actually secured to the shield by four clips, which are fastened to the shield with adhesive pads and a very strong glue.

For nearly two weeks I sat and stared at my new toys, reluctant to risk getting it wrong at the gluing stage, but I finally bit the bullet and `had a go’.

Big advice – read the instructions carefully and follow them with even greater care.

An extra pair of hands is useful tgoo, for marking where the clips are to go and when fitting the Super-Visor.

My first ride with it was amazing, the strong glare of late afternoon sunshine was eliminated, a slight move of the head all that was needed to block it from any angle and keep the eyes in shadow.

What I did not expect was the aerodynamic efficiency, it actually reduces the `bobbing head’ syndrome that causes neck and shoulder pain on long rides.

Super-Visor is sold in the USA with a mounting kit to adjust height as an option, but here the kit is included in the $35 purchase from

Do I like it? I love it. No more `salute’ with a raised hand to block glare for me.

Gary Warner #65262

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

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