2018-06-08 NRO Report Riding On Spring


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The subject of financial outcomes at National Rallies (previously, AGM Events) Branch Rallies / Odysseys is always a hot topic, the aim of all organising committees whether National Committee, National Rally Committee or local branch committees when is to always make a surplus or at the least break even. The running of a National Rally is somewhat more complex than a local branch Rally, as it is almost 3 years from when the planning committee is granted the National Rally until the actual rally occurs.

During this time many factors come into play not the least of which is trying to estimate the numbers of members who will attend; we would all like 14000 members to attend our National Rally, if this was the case every year the planning and financial estimates for a National Rally would be easy, unfortunately this is not the case, the numbers attending a National Rally are only confirmed in the last weeks before the National Rally occurs. This makes budgeting extremely difficult, the National Rally Committee is given guidelines by the NRO and National Committee on numbers who are likely to attend the National Rally and generally this is based on 2000 members attending, and the support facilities are contracted from these numbers. These contracts have to be established in the main 12 months out from an event.

From the Facility Hire and support facility contracts and best estimates on numbers likely to attend the National Rally a cost to members is calculated, bearing in mind this is calculated over 12 months before the National Rally.

Having said all the above some unknown factors that then come into play such as late Grants from Councils and Government agencies who see a benefit in supporting the National Rally, many of these grants are not know when the cost to members is being calculated.

Another item which can only be estimated and is not confirmed until just prior to the National Rally is Motorcycle Manufacturer and Trader support, estimates of the financial input from these items can only be confirmed until the start of a National Rally.

A big factor in the pricing structure is the unknown number of attendees, for instance with an additional 100 members attending and camping at Barmera this adds $20,000 to the income flow that is not known until virtually the opening of the National Rally.

Bearing this in mind if a National Rally is a success and if we are to continue with National Rallies they must all make a surplus, it would be a poor reflection on the various committees if a National Rally was to make a loss.

If we had guaranteed numbers attending every National Rally the cost to members and the costs associated would be better estimated and the job of the National Rally Committee executive would be easy.

Blue Knowles #33140

National Rally Organiser

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