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Histerical registrations (NSW)


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Histerical registrations (NSW) et al

Now that the system with the Log Book (sheet) has been in operation for a few years, we have over 320 bikes on the Register, from a Honda 50 through to Ducati, Moto Guzzi, all the usual Triumphs and even a couple of Vespa.

As the increase in numbers has grown, there are now twelve regional authorised checkers who can stamp the forms and do the inspections. Contact me for the details of your authorised checker in your area.

Over the time there have been a few knockbacks due to poor maintenance or just plain laziness in keeping the machines up to scratch. If you want to impress the checker, at least give him the courtesy of cleaning the machine and run through the checkpoints like lights, horn, blinkers etc.

As I’ve pointed out on several occasions, check the running BEFORE taking off on a ride and  when you get home, wash the bike to check for lost bolts, oil the chain ( BMW’s excused here), oil levels, tyre condition, leaky fork seals (especially the occasional weekend ride bikes) and all the  little other things that can go wrong on a ride.

I recently had to do a fork seal clean and replace when the owner rode some distance and wondered why the front brakes weren’t up to it. The caliper was soaked in fork oil. Yet he thought it was OK to ride. Like the Harley that had the battery connector fall off yet it kept going till he stopped, or the Triumph that had the rear bulb fall out and break, or the beautiful fully restored Norton with loose headstock bearings…….I’ve even had a Velocette with Burt Munroe’s old tyres…..

Tyres go hard so check the date. If over 5 years replace them, likewise helmets.

Change brake fluid every 2 years depending on the environment, likewise oils and filters. Oils with high sulphur content will attack bearings and with the fuel, drain it if storing or use a stabiliser and check the tank cap cork/rubber for condition.

For NSW the bike has to be 30 years from manufacture. That doesn’t seem long as I still have my Munich delivered K100RS.

For Victoria it’s 25 years…….

As an update the Club is still in the process of getting SA approved, however Paul Butler is in Victoria (with 480 bikes) on 0438551450, Bones (Ross Atkinson) in QLD 0403742573, and I’m in NSW (along with others.)

If you change your details: address etc please notify your State Registrar.

As we are volunteers and like to provide this service, please include a stamped envelope with your renewal.

Phil Whitton #3437


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