International Liaison Report February 2018 NatCom Meeting


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Hello fellow Ulyssians, welcome to 2018.

I hope you have all enjoyed a safe and happy festive season and possibly enjoyed a holiday since the last Riding On?

The International Clubs have been relatively quiet the past 2 months – it is still the off season for many of them. We did receive many Christmas and Happy New Year wishes in late December – which I passed on for the website.

I am still sending my local branch monthly newsletter to each contact and most have replied with various stories of their own. If you have a story or event that you would like to share with our overseas counterparts, please send it to me, they enjoy reading about Australia and many have plans to travel here in the future.

Andrea Kampmann from Ulysses Club Botswana is very keen to share information and he states that now most of his club has returned from holidays, he will make sure that we receive stories and photos from their rides. He has also answered my request for updated Committee details.

Although Cambodia no longer has a Ulysses Club, Ulyssian Bob Wiltshire is still happy to be a contact for anyone travelling in that part of the world.

John Cooke from Ulysses Club France confirmed that their committee remains the same and that he is more than happy to receive queries about travel in France.

Genot MInig from Ulysses Club Germany thanked me for looking after the International flock and will welcome any travelling Ulyssians to Germany. He also confirmed details of the Committee. I still receive the regular weekly ride details – oh how I wish I was retired!

Gernot and his wife are planning to attend the 2019 National Rally in Mornington and I look forward to meeting and spending some time with both of them – Putting a face to the name is always good.

Pete Bull from Ulysses Club Great Britain continues to share the “Shining On” magazine with me – a good read. I am happy to forward this to any Aussie Ulyssian that would like to read it.

Tim (Tiny) Stewart from Ulysses Club New Zealand is a regular correspondent. I share many stories and ideas with Tiny and we have assisted each other with member enquiries both for travel and personal issues. Their national magazine “The Ulyssian” will be reverting back to a hard copy, New Zealand Ulyssians did not find the online version user friendly.

Both Hans Wentzle and Julian Middleton from Ulysses Club South Africa are great correspondents, giving me Club updates and riding information as it comes to hand. I have also been able to forward a query from a South African Ulyssian to the 2019 National Rally committee. Hopefully they are able to answer his questions.

Ivan Hauri from Ulysses Club Switzerland thanked me for the enjoyable visit we had together in SE QLD in December 2017. He would like to make the association between the International Clubs and the “Mother Club” (his words) stronger. Great idea.

Jamie Pinner from Ulysses Club Thailand is a regular correspondent and I hope that things are beginning to settle with the Thailand Club. Jamie and I have had several discussions on some internal issues Thailand has been experiencing. Jamie is a very reasonable bloke and I am confident that he and the rest for the committee will be able to work these concerns out very soon. Matters have been quiet for a few weeks and I hope they stay that way.

Mark Salthouse from Zimbabwe and I share irregular correspondence – usually about the cricket, but I enjoy our online chats and I hope to hear more from him in 2018.

All the overseas Clubs promise to send ride reports and photos as they remember to do so. I will just have to keep jogging their memories!

Just this week, I received a query from a Ulyssian wanting to start a Ulysses Club in Cuba! I have sent Wolfgang the necessary paperwork and we will see how it goes!

I am also fielding enquiries from Ulyssians in regards to bike and medical insurance for overseas travel and in one case travel arrangements. There was the need for a fellow traveler to assist with accommodation expenses. I have urged this person to contact the webmaster and possibly place an ad on the national website.

In regards to travel Insurance – the following information and websites may be of use to members travelling overseas.

These are a few companies that members have used.

Go to: where you can obtain an immediate quote, and then proceed to policy issue if you wish. Using this online facility will gain you a 15% discount off the normal premium, and is the quickest and easiest way to go.

I hope these help.

Allan Pratt #9186 DM #21

International Liaison


South East Queensland President and Secretaries Group:

The South East Queensland President and Secretaries will meet for the first time in 2018 on the 18th of February. South East Queensland Branches are very good at sharing information on their coming events and rides, resulting often, in big numbers at rides and events. Weekends away are shared and monthly social meetings are often well attended by members from other branches. They support each other well.

The North East Queensland President and Secretaries will meet again in March, with the Bundaberg Branch hosting this meeting. I am hopeful that the dates coincide with a weekend I am home so that I can attend.

Allan Pratt #9186 DM #21

International Liaison



Club Plate Scheme

There has been a steady stream of interest in the various state Club schemes with the queries being forwarded to the relevant state representative. Hopefully members will get back to me if they do not hear from the state representative.

Phil Whitton sent me the following – may be of interest to those considering the Club Plate Scheme in NSW.

Of matters historical, motorcycle speaking.

“G’day, The Ulysses office gave me your number. I’ve got this old bike in the shed I’ve had for years and I’d like to join the Ulysses and get it registered. How do I do it?”

And so opens another request for Conditional Registration and the return to riding on what was the pride and joy of another member.

Currently the NSW system requires an inspection (a Pink Slip) and the completion of the Application (RMS Form 1259) and the Declaration forms (RMS Form 1246) being stamped by the Registrar or Delegated Officer.

Whilst the usage is restricted to Ulysses rides, being a Ulysses, member, there are Branch rides almost every day, depending, of course, the location.

There is also a 60 day log book system to operate in parallel with the existing Club Permit scheme. The log book allows for the owner to enter the ride or each day’s use in the “log book”. Initially there is a maximum of only 60 days allowed, which is in ADDITION to Branch rides

To date NSW has over 200 bikes on the Register ranging from a Honda C100 through to a CBX Honda, WLA Harleys, Norton’s and everything “between”. Some well restored and beautiful, some still “everyday” riders and some that have needs. The slow aging of rubbers, tyres, cables and other parts is readily evident. Burt Munro’s tyres must still be in production and Lord Lucas is still running the company or so it seems.

With the assistance of the RMS, an inspection form ( RMS 1504) was developed which is the accepted Ulysses pink slip, giving consideration for the age of the bike.

Modifications for safety are allowed e.g. magneto in place of acetylene, radial rubber in place of cross ply, LED’s for incandescent etc.

For further information contact

NSW: Phil Whitton #3431 – 0404 322 139 – email:

QLD: Ross Atkinson #57470 – 0403 742 573 – email:

Victoria: Kevin White #10667 – 0419 005 549 – email:


The Ulysses Club requires a North Queensland representative that can be both a contact for members that own historic bikes and a scrutineer for those living in the North of the State. If interested in this role, you will need to:

Have a good knowledge of Historic bikes and be able to correctly identify and confirm the information provided. A checklist on the bike’s safety is provided to you as is a verification stamp that is used to stamp Queensland registration paperwork. There would be some travel required.


If you are interested in this role, please let me know. Feel free to contact Ross Atkinson, the state representative for further clarification.

Allan Pratt #9186 DM #21

Club Plate Scheme

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