International Liaison Spring 2018


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Welcome to Spring.

As I have to keep this report shorter than my normal ramble, I will keep to the basics. Please check out the National Website for further information on International Clubs, rallies, photos and website information.

The International Clubs have been out and about enjoying the Northern summer. Many have travelled to Harrogate, England, to enjoy the comradery at the European International Gathering.

I received a great story from fellow Aussie John Cook describing his trip to the European Gathering.  The information has been shared to the National website and I look forward to receiving and sharing other reports as they arrive.

I anticipate more information shortly on the proposal for the 2019 International Rally to be held (hopefully) in the Vosges in France. I will definitely be trying to attend!

Cuba: Is growing by the day, with a very keen committee. Wolfgang was very excited to have the German Ambassador in Habana, Cuba indicate that he will be joining them at their next rally and is intending on becoming a Ulyssian. Wolfgang has shared a lot of photos – uploaded to our National Website.

Many thanks to Sue from Slow Cruze tours regarding Insurance cover in Vietnam. “QBE say that their insurance covers riders in Vietnam subject to conditions in the Policy. Although Smart Traveller will tell you that you can’t ride there, this is incorrect as Slow Cruz Tours have been riding there for many years without a problem.   In the past Covermore Insurance has also honoured claims made from minor accidents over there.” The policy is available for those interested.

I continue to receive queries from both International and Aussie Ulyssians intending to travel overseas, discussing forming International Clubs and the location of clubs. I am happy to assist in any way I can, sharing the information I receive.

I am currently reworking an affiliation agreement amongst all the International Ulysses Clubs. This will allow Ulyssians from any country, the ability to register to attend rallies in other countries as an attendee in their own right.

For your holiday pleasure, we have Ulysses Clubs in the following countries:  Cuba, France, Germany, Great Britain, Namibia, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand and Zimbabwe and we have Ulysses contacts in: Botswana, Cambodia, Mozambique and Vietnam.

Club Plate Scheme

The Club Plate Scheme has been very quiet with enquiries recently, but the guys doing the work in each state are still busy.

Don’t forget, if you wish to register an historic bike, contact:

NSW: Phil Whitton #3431 – 0404 322 139 – email:

QLD: Ross Atkinson #57470 – 0403 742 573 – email:

Victoria: Kevin White #10667 – 0419 005 549 – email:

Allan Pratt #9186 DM #21

International Liaison

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