Membership and Community Engagement Report Summer 2017


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Hi All. Well Christmas is upon us and another year has flown by. I would like to wish all Ulysses Club members, their partners and families all the best for the festive season. “Merry Christmas”, a Happy New Year and may 2018 bring you the happiness you deserve.

In my role as Membership Liaison I would like to encourage each and every one of you to look for opportunities to recruit new members to our great Club. Our numbers are steady, however we need more members to sustain the Club into the future. We especially need younger members, those in their 40s. I was fortunate to meet perhaps the youngest member of the Club (40, almost 41) in October, he showed me that a forty-year-old can bring some fresh ideas and new vitality to a Branch and to the Club.

Welcoming of visitors –  I know my Branch always welcomes visitors to the social meetings and on the Wednesday and Sunday rides. This is an excellent way to recruit new members and I encourage your Branch to follow suit.  Once you have these new or prospective members, please make them feel welcome in your Branch, and encourage them to participate on rides, don’t ignore them at meetings, rides etc.

I visited the start of the MOTO GP Run at Cranbourne in October and was very pleased to see the display that Shearwaters Branch put on at the start of the Run. I understand they recruited a few new members at Cranbourne. The Albury Wodonga Branch recently held a similar activity in Albury where they also recruited a couple of new members. I know there are many other branches that conduct similar activities. It would be great if your branch could plan and conduct an activity explaining the virtues and benefits of the Ulysses Club. If you contact the National Administration Office staff, they can provide brochures etc to hand out. I also note that some branches help the local Services Clubs to conduct events like Bike Show and Shine, another good area for recruiting.

The National Committee receives a lot of correspondence from members throughout the year, some positive some negative, but don’t worry we all have thick hides. One thing I must say is if you are going to make observations, can you also make suggestions on how we might rectify or improve the topic you are commenting on? Simply saying it’s up to the National Committee to fix is not always that simple, your solution may be very appropriate.

I also had the opportunity recently to attend the Victorian Presidents and Secretaries Meeting held in conjunction with the Victorian Breakfast Club monthly breakfast. What a great initiative, getting a lot of the Victorian branches together to share ideas, rides, social activities and to promote the Ulysses Club. Lots of positive interaction and feedback to and from those branches in attendance.

I know that Breakfast  Club works,  it is a concept we should have operating everywhere.

International Clubs – I read with interest the closing paragraph of the International Liaison Officers Report in the 2016 Summer Edition of Riding On where Allan Stated “Australian Ulyssians often ask for Ulysses contact details to assist in their overseas travel. I am happy to help with names and contacts. Ulyssians are the same all over the world; always happy to help fellow riders!”

I thought I would try Allan out on this statement, so in May he provided me with the GB, German and Swiss contacts, I made contact with each country contact and was extremely happy with the response from each, Pete Bull from GB, Gernot Minig Germany and Ivan Hauri from Switzerland. They are the most hospitable people, as you would expect being fellow Ulyssians. Heather and I were welcomed by all Clubs. They advised on travel, bike availability, touring but more importantly local customs, culture, food and wine as well, as was the case in England meeting a large number of the GB Club membership at a social function. Fond memories…….    Thank you, International Club members, and thank you Allan.

National AGM Event Coordinator (NAGMEC) report.
Plenty has been said elsewhere about the change of name for the Annual AGM Event. It is great to see that after the 2018 AGM Event at Riverland, the Ulysses Club is changing the name of future events to Ulysses Club National Rally. The 2019 National Rally in Mornington, will the first under the new name. This change will bring us into line with all National and International Ulysses Club Rallies, thanks in part to work being done on behalf of the Ulysses Club by Prof Ian Kirkwood of James Cook University.

Can I ask if you would like to Volunteer at the 2018 AGM Event Riverland, to please register as a volunteer asap. I find volunteering one of the most rewarding activities at an AGM event, as Volunteers make the event happen and it is great to sit back and say I assisted to make the Event the success it was.

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Membership and Community Engagement

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