NAGMEC and Minute Secretary Report, Autumn 2018


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Ladies and gentleman, there has been a minor change in committee roles, Dave Wright #51871 and I have swapped some responsibilities to streamline our efforts within the committee. Dave has taken over the Membership Liaison and Community Involvement, and I now have the Minutes Takers role at NatCom Meetings whilst still retaining my role as National AGM Event Coordinator.
The 2018 – AGM Event – Riverland is shaping up to be a fantastic event. We have a great location in the Riverland Field Day Site which as you know has an excellent manicured grass area which will be great for camping and socialising. The Event Team has been working extremely hard to make this event one of the best AGM Events to date so come along and enjoy the experience. Don’t forget these events can only work with the assistance of volunteers, if everybody did one shift that would assist all involved and make your personal experience all the better.
Recently I attended the Ulysses RV Group gathering in Hamilton Victoria, very close to the Grampians. What a great weekend, around 39 people were there over the weekend with some raffles and socialising. It was great to experience the RV group activities, most of the participants still ride bikes however like most of us they enjoy the comradery and friendship of Ulysses along with the comforts of an RV. As the Club membership is trending along with the Australian population and maturing gracefully, the RV group membership will ultimately grow.
There is an age limit for members volunteering (though until recently not enforced) at AGM Events, National Rallies and other Ulysses activities such as Motorcycle Shows etc, these restrictions have been placed on the Ulysses Club by the Club Insurance Company. The National Treasurer John Osborne has conducted some serious negotiations with our insurance company to raise the age limit to 85, with some restrictions
Whilst I appreciate that we are all maturing and see problems in different ways and that our personal administration is our top priority and needs to be attended to immediately, however can I ask that all members are respectful when they contact the National Administration Office to sort out a problem. In recent times there have been a few members making unnecessary and unreasonable requests of the NAO staff. It is not their role to settle disputes they are there to administer the day to day admin of the Club and its members.
If you have a question, concern or complaint please refer your comments to the relevant NatCom member not at the NAO staff. In my portfolio as NAGMEC please direct any AGM Event problems to me and I will advise on the best course of action to resolve the problem.
Blue Knowles #33140

National AGM Event Coordinator & Minutes Secretary

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