National Presidents Report Autumn 2017

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National President’s Report

This is my penultimate report to members via the Riding On.

Postal Voting at AGMs- The constitution section #106 A) states:- “Where a member chooses to vote by postal vote at an Annual General Meeting of the Club for the election of office bearers and ordinary members that member must make a written or electronically transmitted request to the National Administration Office for an election ballot form” which means that application for postal voting forms are to be made to the National Administration office by individual members where upon each member applying for postal voting forms will be sent a set of forms, along with the instructions on how to complete and return the forms: they will also be sent the candidates’ CV s enabling members to make an informed choice. Should you have any concerns please contact the National Secretary, Mark Seja -

Branches and members have been receiving emails from independent members campaigning for their preferred candidate for the forthcoming AGM elections. Whilst we appreciate that members have the right to exercise their views, this type of canvassing is unfair to the other candidates who are equally hard working, committed and conscientious and have your club’s best interest in mind when acting on your behalf, and are equally deserving of your vote. Obviously I would like to see you attend the AGM Event but in the event that you can’t, but wish to have your say as to who you would like to see run your Club, I encourage you to exercise your right to vote for the person of your choice without being influenced by the opinions of others, by requesting Postal Voting Forms.

John Osborne, elected as National Treasurer in 2016, resigned from the position on the 23rd January 2017; the National Committee appreciated John’s commitment to the club and his dedication to the club’s financial wellbeing whilst on the committee. Kevin White has been appointed to fill the casual vacancy position of Treasurer until the AGM in May.

National Administration Office (NAO) Manager Amy Fitzpatrick and her partner Markham are over the moon with the news that they are expecting a baby which is due mid-April. Amy will be taking maternity leave but will be returning to the NAO in due course, meanwhile be assured that your enquiries will be capably attended to by Leaca and Felicity along with the new staff member.

Alison Jenkins, permanent part time employee at the NAO, tendered her resignation on the 17th January to accept a fulltime work opportunity; her excellent work ethics and skill set will be missed. Expressions of interest for a replacement have been sought through the SEEK website with over 60 applications received in just a few days. By the time the Riding On goes to print another Administration Support Officer should be installed and members will have the opportunity to meet our new staff member at the AGM in Wauchope - Port Macquarie.

We wish Gary Warner, Editor of the Riding On (RO) who has had a rough time just lately, better days. I’ll leave it to him to share his story with you but it is a reminder that we are all vulnerable at one time or another and sometimes a phone call to ask RUOK can have a huge impact. Our interviewer for the Member Profile segment of the RO, Ian Parks, is taking a step back for a while but Dot Camerer, without hesitation when asked, is keen to take on this role – that is once she recovers from her spill.  Thank you Ian for your fine work over the last several issues. Our club, like many other organisations, relies on volunteers in many and diverse capacities. My great appreciation is extended to all these members who willingly put up their hand to take on roles, including but not limited to (UCARF) Ulysses Club Arthritis Research  coordinator, Kim Kennerson;  National AGM Event coordinators, Rob White and Blue Knowles, (MAOTY) Motorcycle Apprentice of the Year coordinator, Graham Moore, (HR) Human Resources consultant Jan Wills; proof readers Bryan Fricker and Colin Hook and last but not least, our website administrators.  I take this opportunity to also acknowledge our club Elders, whom I occasionally consult and who have been called upon to act as ambassadors on our behalf.


Many members have ridden on this year, two of whom were John Beatton, husband of past National Committee member June #1476, DM (1991-1995) and Alf Bridle #1196, DM. Our thoughts go out to all their families and friends.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

Members would be aware that a raffle with fabulous prizes, in support of the club’s preferred charity – Ulysses Club Arthritis Research Fund, is running. Books of tickets are available from the NAO, so if you haven’t purchased a ticket or three yet…now is your chance to scope them out. Further information is available in this magazine.

Many members have ridden on this year, two of whom were John Beatton, husband of past National Committee member June #1476, DM (1991-1995) and Alf Bridle #1196, DM. Our thoughts go out to all their families and friends.

I’ve just received the news that the cost claim relating to the G Barrett & Associates Pty Ltd versus Ulysses Club (GB V UC) trial, has been accepted. The case is soon to be closed - 3.3 years later.

By the time you receive the Autumn edition of the RO, the AGM Event 2017 in Wauchope - Port Macquarie would be less than 10 weeks away…have you registered for the Event? When I registered it was so easy. I opted to phone the National Administration Office and the whole process of registering was completed within one minute.  This year options are available; register for the event; add on merchandise; add on meals; add on camping etc.  There will be slight changes in the check in process at the AGM this year; it is anticipated that the process should be more efficient. Outgoing NAGMEC Rob White has offered to be on hand to provide assistance.

I look forward to seeing you at the AGM Event in Port Macquarie-Wauchope. Enjoy the journey.

Helena Gritton #14027

National President


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