National Presidents report Spring 2018


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Well, what a ride these past few months have been since the AGM Event in Barmera!

Buoyed by the support provided by the members about attracting new members and retaining existing members, I’m delighted to report that I’m aware of many branches being very active in holding displays, and making changes to seek new members and keep the long term members – thank you all. Branches are the front line and you make a difference with your passion and enthusiasm to share the Ulysses Club way of life.

Members’ suggestions about changing the Riding On magazine to be more cost effective, via conversations at the AGM and elsewhere has been very encouraging. We have worked on reformatting the Riding On magazine and you’ll see the changes in this Spring edition.  Now A4 size means we have been able to better fit articles to a standard size, and also remove content that was already available on the website such as the Branch listing, Gear Shop etc. The revised proposal has resulted in considerable savings, which is an excellent result. Gary Warner had embraced the changes, providing valuable input, but as you will see in his editorial, he has resigned from the position of editor. We all appreciate his work on the magazine over the last three years, and are not surprised by his offer to continue as a `mentor’ to ensure a smooth transition for his successor.

There has been a lot of effort expended in a review of the iMIS member database and how to better use it for the Registration portal for the 2019 National Rally and to increase efficiency in the National Administration Office.  Meetings were held with the iMIS consultants and were followed by a proposal to upgrade to a Cloud version and activate the registration portal app. I really appreciate Treasurer John Osborne’s diligence and work with me on that project.  The database is now cloud based and no longer requiring major disruptive upgrades, so the newly trained admin staff can really see the benefits.  This is another project that has savings for the Club. Be on the lookout for the announcement of the opening of the 2019 National Rally Registration portal very soon.

The 2019 National Rally team have been very busy in successfully seeking sponsorship for this event. They have also been liaising closely with the local councils and the Mornington Racecourse, to ensure that the event is well publicised and supported by the region. Regular meetings within the team and onsite ensure that they are on track to a very successful week for the members and guests attending.  It’s a beautiful part of Australia and I’m looking forward to being there in February / March.

Jen Woods #21395

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