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National Secretary Report to 2019 Winter


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National Secretary Report to 2019 Winter Riding On

To borrow a line from a popular TV show – “Winter is Coming”. The weather is getting colder and less appealing every week. This is the time that the southern branches will most likely be looking at more indoor functions, except for a hardy few.

On a more serious note, correspondence to the National Secretary remains steady including requests for copies of our Public Liability Insurance certificate. Can those members that require a certificate noting a “person or organisation of interest” on the certificate, please advise at first application so I don’t have to process the request twice.  It is time consuming and will delay the issue of the certificate.  It is pleasing to see a steady stream of nominations for Telemachus Medals. Members are being recognised for the work they do to keep their going and that is a good thing. There are always those few individuals that go above and beyond for the good of their friends, their branch and the Ulysses Club.

At the other end of the spectrum it is disconcerting when we get emails and phone calls about members that treat fellow members badly. Some behaviour is just not acceptable. The National Committee takes all complaints about bad behaviour seriously, but we do have to investigate each report and act upon it within the constraints put upon us by the constitution. Everyone must remember that we joined this club, seeking friendship and fun and no one needs or wants to be abused. We are also mindful of the fact that some reports of bad behaviour are not necessarily true or accurate, so we need to treat each case individually and carefully.

By now we should all be looking forward to the next National Rally at Lismore. It may be nearly 12 months away, but the time will go quickly. The event is building up slowly and by the “buzz” around the place I think this will be a very popular event in a very pretty part of Australia. So book your holidays and your accommodation now and get ready. I am looking forward to both the rally and the ride to get there and back.

I urge all of our members to ride carefully during the winter months. The road toll, particularly in Victoria, is nothing to be proud of. So take that extra bit of care because we want everyone to come out of the other side of winter in one piece.

Henry Rokx

National Secretary

#28636  DM#45

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