National Vice Presidents Report – Summer 2017


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The vibrant enthusiasm of the members of your National Committee is certainly being reflected in a number of important ways.

Our membership numbers seem to have stabilised after a protracted period of decline. An initiative of the staff at our National Admin Office has seen a huge improvement in the number of renewals since last Christmas. And as National Secretary Henry has reported, there is a growing trend of past members enquiring about re-joining.

Our National Treasurer has used his experience to ensure a stable and viable sustainability to our finances.  All other NatCom members are embracing their respective roles with vigour and initiative, as reflected in their reports.

In the coming months we can all expect to hear about a range of exciting decisions and changes, all in response to requests / suggestions from our broad membership, and all very capably managed by our National President – Jen Woods.

However, the National Committee is still made aware from time to time of dissention within branches.  Invariably these issues involve disagreements and personality clashes that really are very damaging to Branch harmony and member enjoyment.   They are invariably caused by disagreements over fairly minor issues that grow to become major. They may be over rides, with some members preferring shorter / slower rides, while others want longer / faster rides.  They may be over social events, leadership styles, individual member behaviour, etc.  A new trend has been the unacceptable use of Social Media to post unsavoury and unacceptable comments on Branch or personal Social Media pages. Most matters are initially relatively trivial, but in the absence of a quick and decisive common sense resolution, they can rapidly grow out of control. But whatever the cause, the effect and outcomes are sometimes very destructive for members and Branches.

It is therefore very timely to reflect on how we would like to be treated, and remind ourselves to treat others, at all times, with the same degree of decency, respect and courtesy.

Our Club’s recently adopted “Code of Conduct” (below) is a great reference for ensuring that things don’t start to go off the rails.

The Code applies to all Ulysses Club members, their proxies and nominated members of committees, employees, or groups formed to assist the Ulysses Club conduct its business.

The Code applies at all Ulysses Club meetings, official visits and events and any other official or social gatherings or meetings where individuals are representing the Ulysses Club

Member Conduct

1 As a Ulysses Club Committee member, we will;

  • act ethically and with integrity;
  • make decisions fairly, impartially and promptly, considering all available information, legislation, policies and procedures;
  • treat members of the public and colleagues with respect, courtesy, honesty and fairness, and have proper regard for their interests, rights, safety and welfare;
  • not harass, bully or discriminate against colleagues, members of the public and employees;
  • contribute to a harmonious, safe and productive work environment by our work habits, and professional workplace relationships; and
  • fulfilling our purpose as Committee members.

2 Communication and official information – we will:

  • not disclose official information or documents acquired through any Ulysses Committee, other than as required by law or where proper authorisation is given by The Committee.
  • not misuse official information for personal or commercial gain for myself or another;
  • adhere to legal requirements, policies and all other lawful directives regarding communication with members of the media and members of the public generally; and
  • respect the confidentiality and privacy of all information as it pertains to individuals.
  • Fraudulent and corrupt behaviour – we will:
  • not engage in fraud or corruption;
  • report any fraudulent or corrupt behaviour; and
  • be accountable for the decisions and input we provide.

With Christmas almost upon us, I take this opportunity to wish all Ulyssians and their extended families, a very happy Christmas and a healthy and productive New Year in 2081

Peter Baulch – #27672
National Vice President

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