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Presidents report Winter 2019


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Winter 2019

A recent article by the President of the Mornington Wanderers Branch caught my eye and it seemed that the core message would be relevant to other Branches and the use of Facebook. I have their permission to adapt and share the information. It’s in the realm of “something to think about”.

Many branches are using Facebook with great success and that’s great for members. As a social club, we need to ensure that all members feel welcome and included. So private or semi private events hosted or organised by branch members which appear to only be open to some members, can cause angst. While recognising that new and old friendships develop and branch members socialise independently of the branch, there is some concern when the event is confused with an organised branch event. This can of course lead to some members feeling “left out”, as posts from Facebook friends or friends of friends can comment on a “great bunch of Ulysses Club members” which are well meaning comments and only relate to the private event, but they clearly have the potential to be misconstrued by other members to relate to a branch event to which they were not invited! It’s easy to see how well meaning and innocent actions can lead to misunderstanding and potential division of a branch or group of friends.

A simple fix is that members organising private functions via Facebook make it clear that their event is private in nature and not a branch organised event. It is also wise and courteous to NOT use the branch name in relation to privately organised functions.

The National Committee have held two meetings already and at the most recent meeting, were delighted to have dinner on Friday evening with members from branches in the Ballarat area of Victoria. Hearing feedback from members at occasions such as the dinner is informative and appreciated.
This new national committee is focussed on the year ahead and as usual we have a full program of work. We look forward to working with the three current National Rally Committees with Blue Knowles, National Rally Organiser providing the link between the rally teams and the national Committee. Blue’s organisational skills are invaluable in planning and implementing the framework for a national rally committee to deliver an enjoyable and successful event.

I am always on the lookout for content for the National website as well as the Facebook page and videos for our YouTube Channel.  If your Branch is having an event or has had a ride to an unusual location, or even had a particularly enjoyable ride to one of the regular locations, or social occasion with other members, I’d love to hear about it – a paragraph or two, some photos will be welcome. One of the photos sent by Great Southern Branch was used as our Facebook photo recently, and the Branch appreciated that.

Jen Woods #21395

National President

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