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Riding On Purchasing Report Winter Edition 2019


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Riding On Purchasing Report

Winter Edition 2019

The Gear Shop E-Newsletters are now back on track and I am hoping to have one of each month emailed to you to highlight new and seasonal exclusive Ulysses Club products. More products available on our website Gear shop for you to view and order at any time.

Our website Gear Shop will be getting a makeover in the near future as some members have said that they have some difficulty navigating the site. We have listened to your comments and will be making changes soon, this is only the first stage of the upgrades, and more improvements to our Gear Shop will be rolled out in the future.

I have been working with our graphic designer to have the Gear Shop returned to our Riding On magazine, this will be a one page promotion of some of the products available to you and will change each issue of Riding On.

Savaugn Pratt has put together a great layout of all the Gear Shop merchandise photos, along with a separate price list for the Quartermaster at her branch. This makes choosing and seeing a product a lot easier for the branch members, we hope to sent this out to all of our branches soon.

I would also like to Thank Savaugn for this work.

Advertising in Riding On and our website seems to be steady at the moment, we do however ask that you try to support the businesses that support us, as this greatly helps us to run our club. If you know of any business that may benefit from advertising with us, then please let ne know or approach them yourself.

We are now working to send you a monthly E-Newsletter from your Ulysses Club Road Safety Committee on a rider safety topic. You would of received one recently on star rated motorcycle clothing

If you have any issues that you would like raised, please contact me.

It was suggested at our Mornington AGM by Andy Luck that we use any and all of our social media contacts and groups to promote the Ulysses Club and encourage new members. I believe this is a good idea and would encourage each individual member to consider this.

I would also like to challenge each of our members to join up at least one new member in the next twelve months, I would think this would not be too difficult and has the potential to greatly increase our membership.

Dave Wright #51871

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