Road Safety Committee Report Summer 2017


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We have our next meeting of the Ulysses Club Road Safety Committee scheduled for 20th January 2018 in Sydney.

A few of the issues raised by UCRSC members recently that will be discussed at our January meeting are –

The results from the mobile phone use survey and how it affects motorcycle riders.

Lobbying politicians for better safety and legislation for older motorcycle riders – do we need to do this better?

I attended the three day Australasian Road Safety Conference which was held in Perth this year, representing the Ulysses Club Inc. (my cost for this event was paid for by the WA Road Safety Commission and I would like to thank them for this) This year there were over 650 delegates from every state and territory as well as many from overseas. I have attended these for the past eight years in all Australian States and Territories and this was by far the best one I have attended because of the amount of motorcycle specific topics raised. These topics kept me busy for all three days and included a symposium on motorcycle training and licensing, which lasted for most of day 1. On day 2 there were 11 concurrent sessions on motorcycle topics including high risk roads, protective clothing star rating, and motorcycle friendly road design. Day 3 was mostly about safety barriers and road side hazards.

Many of these topics will be discussed at our UCRSC meeting.

So now we have lots of issues that the Road Safety Committee will discuss at our January meeting

I will be attending the Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC) Conference in Sydney on November 11th and will represent the Ulysses Club Inc. The AMC is the peak motorcycle body in Australia at the Federal level, representing the rights and safety of motorcycle riders, and has delegates from all Australian States and Territories and the Ulysses Club. Many of the regulations affecting us as riders originate at a Federal level before being adopted by the various state and territory Governments. This is why it is so important that we have a strong organisation that we are part of.

Remember to Ride Like Your Life Depends On It

Dave Wright #51871

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