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It doesn’t actually seem that long since I wrote a report for the last Riding On and we can only wonder about where the time has gone. Much of the last couple of months has been spent preparing for the 2018 AGM Event at Riverlands. By the time this edition of the Riding On magazine is published, the AGM Event will have been and gone. But at the time of writing this report, this was my first AGM as National Secretary and there were many things to consider, documents to write and distribute, awards to prepare, attendance lists and invitations to issue, to name but a few. But it all goes with the territory. Add to this the work done by the AGM Event Committees and volunteers, and it all adds up to a massive amount of work to put together an event to remember, an event for our members to enjoy. It is of course disappointing that the numbers are dropping each year. But this is in line (on a percentage basis) with overall member numbers, which are down a bit too. We are of course always hopeful that as well as our older members, our newer members will take up the challenge and make the journey to an AGM Event, or as it will be from next year, the National Rally. It is a perfect opportunity to meet with Ulysses Club members from all over Australia, make new friends and meet up with old ones. Many members enjoy the comradery of the campground, be in their own tents and campers, in the “rentals” in tent city, or in their RV’s and caravans. Others enjoy living out at local accommodation. But the bottom line is it’s about members coming together to have fun. Over the years the event has grown from a simple rally weekend, incorporating the AGM, to the massive weeklong event it is today. But times “are a changing” and each year the outcome of the event has to be reviewed to help with the planning for the next one. Often members will make suggestions and these are taken on board and considered. As a result of some of our members’ suggestions, we have now incorporated the three day registrations. More changes to the event may be in the wind depending on the participation rates and needs of our motorcycle manufacturers and traders. But no-matter what is going on, the Contact Us enquiries keep rolling in, and we endeavour to deal with them all. If there is any member that does not get a response in a reasonable time, please contact me. Members must also remember that the staff at the National Administration Office are there to help, but sometimes have to refer to a National Committee member for assistance or a decision. As the winter months are now upon us, we hope that members ride safely, to whatever conditions they find themselves in, and get home safely.

Henry Rokx

National Secretary

#28636 DM#45

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