Treasurer’s Report


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April and May have been particularly frustrating for me trying to “pull” our accounting records over to the inhouse MYOB system. As much of our accounting transactions were already logged into MYOB, so our approach has been to “fit” the 2017 end of year numbers to reflect the balances provided by our Auditor. We lost some momentum with staff absences in Barmera with the AGM Event but I am confident we will be able to iron out our difficulties in time to be fully operational with MYOB by end June 2018.

Meanwhile, monitoring our membership numbers shows we are ahead of our estimates to end May. Our financial members at end May totalled 14,874 almost 300 ahead of our budget estimate. Operational cash holdings at 31st May 2018 are $123,077 higher than the balance at the close of financial year 2017. This balance includes a relatively small commitment for final invoiced expenses for the AGM Event, whilst all outstanding expenses have been cleared by end May. Our UCARF accounts are in good order. UCARF balance at end May18 is some $40,114 less than the balance at close of financial year 2017. However, we have paid all sponsorship commitments for 2018 and given the current level of funds we are hopeful Kim Kennerson will be able to negotiate a suitable special project related to arthritis research, worthy of our support in the latter part of this year. Our AGM Event held at Barmera South Australia was very successful (even if the weather was threatening for a couple of days). We have finalised the registration numbers with total registrations of 1,893; this comprised 283 people who registered for 3-days and 1,610 people took full 7-day registration. As a point of interest there were 25 companion animals registered, each paying $25 each to attend. Early indications are that the 2018 Event has been a financial success and will show a modest surplus after all expenses and refund commitments have been met. The “Annual Summary of Financial Affairs – Tier 1” has been submitted to Registry Services in the NSW Fair Trading within the time limits imposed relating to the date of our AGM. Recently I attended a Seminar arranged by the ASI, the suppliers of our member registration system, iMIS. I came away confident we can better utilise the iMIS System with significant cost savings on Rally Event registration processes. Available online from

John Osborne


National Treasurer

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