Vice President’s Report, Spring 2016

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HOW lovely to be thinking about Spring, even if it’s because I am writing a report for the Spring edition of Riding On! The weird and sometimes wild weather served up to us through this winter has been a challenge, as I’m sure many of you will agree.

Following an idea from Dan Doherty, who provides the development and infrastructure hosting for the Club’s websites, a project to have a website dedicated to the Riding On magazine was developed and approved by the National Committee. Members had told the National Committee several years previously that they would like an online version of the magazine, and while a flip book and .PDF download versions had met with some small success, the National Committee knew further development was necessary.

Fortunately, at the same time as the National Committee was recruiting for a new editor of the print Riding On magazine, the perfect candidate was found for a content manager of the Riding On website – this was obviously meant to be.

A development team of Dan, website administrators Wayne Watson, Andrea Johnston, new online content manager John Bryant and myself worked on the presentation of the ROnline (as its working title became). The new website will be launched in time for the Spring Edition of the print version (all being well) and will feature stories from the magazine in a format that will be suitable for smart devices and tablets; technology very much favoured by members.  More ways to read Riding On, your favourite riding magazine! The new website will also engage closely with social media tools, further spreading the message that the Ulysses Club is a great club to be a part of.

The new website will also engage closely with social media tools, further spreading the message that the Ulysses Club is a great club to be a part of.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

On a very sad note, long term member of the Ulysses Club Road Safety Committee, Tony Ellis #55305, passed away on 23 June. Tony’s valuable input to the committee, his loyalty, good humour, amazing memory and humanity are qualities that cannot easily be replaced.
Ride on Tony, we miss you.

Topical lately has been an increase in email scams and phishing attacks – must be that the hackers are content to continue their evil work in this cold weather. Please be mindful of emails that contain links in them, always look closely at the sent address of an unexpected email you have received (is it really from the bank or a reputable business is it from someone whose email address looks suspicious), don’t open files ending in .exe. As well, keep your Anti-Virus and spam subscriptions up to date.  Remember that the hacking business is big business and they work hard to hack into accounts successfully, so be careful.

It took a little while, but the minutes of the AGM and the Extended NatCom meeting, as well as the NatCom meetings this year, are all on the website, filed in the Documents section, found in the dropdown list under the Members tab.

Vice President
Jen Woods #21395

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