Vice President’s Report – Winter 2017

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It is with pleasure that I present my final report to you for this National Committee term.

Communications to members continues to be a key focus of mine. Communications by email enewsletters;  BranchComms specifically for Branch committees, Intercoms which go to all members with a valid email address, as well as emails sent at the request of Branch committees for a specific purpose, such as Sydney Branch and Otway Rangers Branch who both recently requested support for their membership drives.  As well, the Road Safety Committee, the popular Victorian Information Bulletin (VIB) and importantly the AGM Event specific enewsletters are sent out regularly.  I really appreciate the efforts of those members who take the time to provide content for the enewsletters.

President and Secretaries (inter-branch) meetings were recently held in Victoria, SA and WA. For SA and WA these meetings were the first dedicated meetings held in those states and my thanks to Rob “Hobbit” Ryan from Adelaide Branch and John Gliddon from Perth Branch for bringing state Branch representatives together to discuss and share ideas about challenges facing their Branches. I was pleased to be able to assist in the preparation for these meetings by sharing information from previous inter-branch meetings as a guide.  Both meetings covered a lot of different topics and offered various opinions and solutions, as well as agreeing to hold some joint activities and rides.  Rob, after the meeting in SA, commented It was a very positive meeting and I think everyone felt connected to something greater than just their own Branch”.


All the information, flyers etc that members and Branches send to me, are posted as a News Item on the website and often also used on Facebook and Twitter.


I am pleased that the Riding Online website is attracting advertising, with a major insurance company taking one of the recently created advertising packages, for a year. Advertising is an important focus for the websites, as well as the Riding On magazine.

All the information, flyers etc that members and Branches send to me, are posted as a News Item on the website and often also used on Facebook and Twitter.

The organiser of the Southern Highlands Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Show contacted me recently about the second of these annual events.  Macarthur Branch and the Wollondilly Wanderers Branch held a stand at this very successful event last November and they have been approached to again represent the Ulysses Club.

A meeting of the Road Safety Committee was held recently and was also attended by a member of the NSW Police who expressed a desire to work with us to ensure the safe arrival of members to the AGM Event. He is a member of the Ulysses Club as well. NSW Police will have a stand at the AGM Event during the Open Day and will be showcasing their Police Indian bike.  Please take the opportunity to discuss any questions or issues with them.

The Road Safety Committee will be holding its Road Safety Forum and will be in the Traders Hall as usual – please visit and let the state representatives know what concerns you.

Staff in the National Administration Office have been working exceptionally hard in the lead up to the AGM Event. This is always a very busy time for them but this year we have Amy, who recently gave birth to a baby girl, away on maternity leave, and Linda who is relatively new but is doing a very professional job in the Office. All three of the staff are working incredibly hard and with great dedication to get the job done.

My appreciation to  Kevin White who stepped up to the plate to take the role of Treasurer  without much hesitation, being a loyal and committed Ulysses Club member who put the needs of the club first to do a job that needed to be done. That the transition was so smooth is testament to Kevin’s professionalism. I also thank President Helena and my fellow National Committee and ex-officio  members for their efforts and dedication during this year.

Importantly, my thanks go to you the members who put the time and effort into making the Ulysses Club the successful club that it is. I am constantly amazed by all the work you get through on behalf of the Club, branches and other members.

I look forward to catching up with those members who are making the journey to attend the AGM Event in Wauchope / Port Macquarie. The hardworking 2017 AGM Event Committee and the National AGM Event Coordinators, as well as the wonderful volunteers are working hard to deliver a really unforgettable event for you – I do hope you all enjoy it. Have a great trip to the AGM Event and enjoy the adventure that is the road ahead.

Jen Woods #21395

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