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I first heard about breakfast clubs on the Ulysses Club Forum where there was news on the Brooklyn Breakfast Club’s monthly gatherings.  It sounded like a great idea, but I wasn’t game to travel that far for eggs and bacon.  So, when I heard there was going to a new Victorian Breakfast Club starting up a few years ago, I decided I would get in on the groundwork of that.  The first one, met at a café along the shore of the Bay in Melbourne with Ulysses Club members Dean Wells and Paul Butler organising it.  Over the next several months, a few others got into the habit.  The big difference between the BBC and the VBC was that the latter moved around the state of Victoria each month to a different place for breakfast.  In the first two years of the VBC, the numbers averaged about a dozen or so…and we travelled on a crisp morning run to new locations.  I rarely missed a meeting.

And then I moved to Queensland.

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The South-East Queensland Ulysses Club Breakfast formed itself and met for the first time on 29 October 2016 and most every month since

I checked around and found there were no breakfast clubs presently…and I was hungry…and needing a ride.  So, I decided there needed to be a new breakfast club in this area.  One of the successes of the Victorian Breakfast Club was their moving to a different location each month, so I decided to set things up in a similar way, but decided on the limited range of South-east Queensland.  Because I was rather new to the area and did not have a large network of contacts and influence, the best way to get something going was to set up a FaceBook Page and advertise there as well as the Ulysses Forum.

The South-East Queensland Ulysses Breakfast formed itself and met for the first time on 29 October 2016 and most every month since then.  We meet on the last Saturday of every month at a designated café that must have good coffee and bacon.  The rest of the menu we can cope with.  Everyone is to ride to the predetermined destination and arrive by 9:30am.  After a great brekky with old and new friends, we have a tradition (also stolen from the VBC) of having a free raffle of a bottle of wine—with each member picking a number between 1-100 using their mobile phones.  Winner has the bring another bottle the next month.  Pictures are taken for proof of presence.

Since the SEQ Breakfast Club began, we have even had members of the other breakfast clubs come and visit.  News, information and even advice are shared.  I learned that the VBC changed its strategy in going to new locations by targeting existing local Ulysses branches to help host a breakfast club meeting.  This has seen an explosion of interest in the VBC to the point that they are now regularly drawing 50-70 riders on a given ride and breakfast.  So, I have been attempting to do similar with good results, and we have increased our own numbers by following this advice.  There are now some Ulyssean Breakfast Riders that are committed to stringing together the different state Breakfast Clubs and attending them in order.  We might have to establish a special patch to recognise those who complete this task in order.

The best thing is that the SEQ Breakfast Club has taken off without my having to be the one to organise everything.  During May, I was attending the AGM in Wauchope NSW and the SEQ Breakfast Club carried on famously without me.  It was great to see.   We now have a group of dedicated regulars who come and who would not miss it if they are still moving.  We have been to Mt. Mee, Gympy, Boonah, Esk, Toowoomba, Crow’s Next and Maleny, with Kingaroy up next.

If you would like to take that once a month-long ride to breakfast and enjoy meeting other Ulyssians outside of your own branch…then come along and enjoy the ride, the food and the fellowship.

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Scott “Slammer” Kroeger #51089

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