All the Presidential Men


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More than just a well composed picture, this photo traces a significant portion of Ulysses Club history.

Depicting no less than of six of our previous presidents, who between them accounted for 22 years of leadership, it was rediscovered by its creator, Roger Burns, a former advertising coordinator for Riding On.

Information was sought by President Jen from Rick Bedford, who came up with the following;

“The photo was actually taken at Lake Macquarie at our Natcom Xmas party which was held at Gary Vandersluis house. It would have been early December in 2002 or 2003. We had a Natcom meeting in the morning, and then after lunch the former Natcom members and club employees (Wendy) and ex officio members Roger, The Ghost (John Miller) and Bob Porteous, gathered there for an evening BBQ and party. The photo was taken about mid afternoon with the former presidents and then-current president (me), lined up on the jetty in order of being elected to the position.

Old #1 Stephen Dearnley 1984 – 1987, Tom Dudley 1987 – 1994, Geoff Mayfield 1994 – 1996, Gary Vandersluis 1996 – 1999, Ian Rawlings 1999 – 2002, and me 2002 – 2006. Unfortunately, Stephen, Geoff and Ian are no longer with us.

“This was one of two Xmas parties we had at Gary’s place, from memory. I think it was at this one that Sam Reich discovered that Gary had left his liquor cabinet unlocked, and during the evening and night we managed to consume most of its contents!”

This is undeniable proof that the disgraceful behaviour began long ago.

So did the hard work and dedication that created the Ulysses Club we enjoy today.


Picture: Roger Burns


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