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Introducing: the Gallivanting Grandma! Lyn Tout #42398.

Lyn’s love of riding bikes occurred in her late teens to early twenties.

She rode her Honda 100 from Lara to Geelong to attend Teachers College, her dream was to one day own a Honda Gold Wing!  After retiring her bike to have children in the later 70s, Lyn was surprised by her husband for her 50th Birthday with a Honda Rebel 250. The Gallivanting Grandmother instantly fell back in love with two-wheel machines.

Lyn’s teaching career spanned some 40 odd years, teaching all grade levels in primary school culminating in becoming the Principal at Werribee Primary school in 2002, the very school she attended in the sixth grade many years before. Lyn has also been very active in both the Geelong and Werribee Hockey Clubs where she holds Life memberships in both. Currently, she is Chairman of the Board (President) at Werribee Hockey Club and has been for many years. Lyn finally retired from a competitive role as goalie in 2016 but is still active in organising Masters Hockey for Victoria. Lyn was rewarded for her community, education and voluntary contributions to the City of Wyndham by being nominated to carry the 2018 Commonwealth Games Queens Baton, leaving from Werribee Primary School in February 2018.

Lyn strongly encouraged her husband to get his motorcycle licence, generously offering her 250 Honda to him while she upgraded to a Yamaha 650cc cruiser in 2003. The pair enjoy riding so much that they decided to join the Ulysses Club in 2005 and affiliated themselves with the Westgate Wanderers Branch, they have been active members ever since.

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It wasn’t long before Lyn became an even more active member, including taking on committee roles as Quartermaster from 2014 to 2016 and then as Treasurer in 2017. Lyn has also organised “Ladies Rides” where the boys were allowed to tag along. Lyn is also in the 2019 National Rally organising committee, managing seven portfolios.

Lyn thoroughly enjoys weekend rides, day trips and the AGMs. Her favorite rides are probably the long distance rides to get to and or from AGMs such as Albany, Maryborough in 2013 via Karumba in Qld. The 2014 Alice Springs where the return trip took in the Nullarbor Plain, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton, Broome and the obligatory stop in Darwin to play hockey in the National Masters Championships before returning to Melbourne via Alice Springs taking in total three months.

She now has her very own Gold Wing, fitted with a Wedgetail. The extra wheels are often referred to as Granny Wheels!  Nothing gave her more pleasure in 2017 than being able to truly use her Granny wheels when taking her oldest Granddaughter to school on her motorbike for her 8th birthday! She often refers to her as her Biker Girl, her way of passing on her passion for riding bikes.

John Tout #42398

Westgate Wanderers Branch  

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