Evans’ Epic Expedition


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Tues 31st Oct 2017

Finally, the wait was over for the chosen few that would make the epic journey that was about to begin.

At exactly 9am (give or take 20mins), nine brave souls met at Macquarie Park, Windsor.

Our Illustrious leader David “Good” Evans, Trumpy Dave, Occidental Dave, Ranger Pete, Yoda Joe and brother Mark, ‘Later’ Ron and mate Warren, and TEC Jeff Gamble, all were to be lead up the garden path, better known as the Putty Road, to the Grey Gums café. Two blow ins, Concord Tom and Richmond Ross escorted us here to ensure we did in fact leave the city.

After mortgaging our homes to pay for breakfast we farewelled Ross and Tom as we continued our quest for greatness and set forth for Singleton. Well a small breakaway group couldn’t contain their excitement as they darted off into the distance to ride the Putty. We made MacDonalds at Singleton at 12.30pm. Those without tastebuds chose to eat, those with tastebuds intact opted for coffee. With our sights now set on the country music capital of Tamworth, we screamed up the New England Hwy at a respectful 80kph, to the frustration of other motorists.

Wests Tamworth was chosen for the evening meal, before returning to our motel for the evening. Here, Yoda told us some bedtime stories. He said they were jokes but with everyone nodding off I could tell otherwise. The fights soon began as to who was sharing a room with who, except for Jeff and Pete as ‘they’ had their own room.

Wed 1st Nov 2017

With a 9am start most were up and out by 7am. I believe this was due to the fact that breakfast was included in our room cost. This allowed us to get an early start as we headed to Armidale. Stopping at Moonbi hill lookout we negotiated the 160 or so stairs for spectacular views over the Peel Valley.

Good Evans’ Epic Expedition

Continuing towards Armidale a short morning tea break was had, before hitting Dorrigo for a pie and coffee for lunch.

There are numerous waterfalls along the way and Im sure we stopped at them all. A slight detour after lunch took us to Dangar Falls. We stopped to look at a big hole in the ground a short time later, possibly caused by a meteor or a glacier. On reading the information board we actually discovered it was a waterfall  (Wollomombi Falls). We found another waterfall further up the road (Ebor falls) which is quite picturesque. Im beginning to understand why this section of road is called “Waterfall Way”.

Setting the GPS for Nambucca Heads the roads and scenery here are spectacular. On a motorcycle it doesn’t get much better than this.

Arriving at our motel we decided a bbq was a good idea, along with a few beers and a glass or two of red. What a great day to end a most enjoyable days riding. The 3 Daves who lost the fight the night before again shared a room whilst Jeff and Peter had their “own” room…. la de da.

Thurs 2nd Nov 2017

With all the bikes packed we set off for Macksville, totally disgusted that our $25 room cost didn’t include a cooked breakfast. After commandeering a small café and admiring the views of Macksville we headed south down the Pacific Highway to the Wauchope turn off. Three riders thought it would be a good idea to head off in front of the rest (two Harleys and one amazing Chinese sports tourer superbike CFMoto). On approaching the Wauchope turn over the river to the left the cumbersome Harleys couldn’t manage the 90 degree corner so we opted to continue straight ahead. Beautiful roads followed though they seemed to be getting narrower. About 25kms later we asked if we were heading to Wauchope only to be told we missed the turn off by about 20kms and we were headed for a dirt track that led to the mountains. Oops!!

We turned around and headed back to Wauchope. Unsure now where our colleagues were we turned right on the Oxley Highway to Walcha, stopping at Timbertown to locate our lost companions to no avail. We figured it best to ride to the next town for lunch and fuel. There are NO bloody towns between Wauchope and Walcha. Or petrol stations.

What we did have however was the majestic Oxley Highway, 6978 corners (approx.) of what has to be the best motorcycling road in NSW. On entering the straights of the Enfield State Forest I had an incident with a small brush wallaby that took a close look at the front wheel of my bike, fortunately I stayed upright and the wallaby hopped off into the bush probably more scared than I was.  With the Harleys struggling to keep up with the CfMoto superbike we arrived in Walcha at 1.30pm. Fuel, lunch at the pub and a beer or two, then we located our motel for the evening and booked in.

Our lost companions pulled in at 3.40pm after their lunch in Wauchope and visiting the Aspley Falls.

Some chose dinner at the pub while others opted for bbq chicken and beer at the motel, followed by a beer and some red wine. An early evening was had for an early start the following day.

The three Daves again shared the same room and had to fight over two sachets of coffee. Bloody Jeff and Peter didn’t have that problem as they had their own room, miserable bastards.

Fri 3rd Nov 2017

A very early start as we headed for home via Gloucester and Thunderbolts way. Every ounce of awareness and concentration is required to ride this road, with a pea soup fog slowing us down for the first hour or so. We safely made Gloucestor  for breakfast around 9.30am and had the best bacon and egg rolls in town.

Later Ron and Warren left us here and headed home via The Hunter valley, probably for some more red.

The remaining magnificent seven headed for the Pacific Highway at Heatherbrae and onto the Wyong service centre for re-hydration and to say goodbye. We parted company at 1.15pm and headed for our respective homes.

A truly wonderful four days of great company, wonderful roads and spectacular scenery; our thanks go to David “Good” Evans for his hard work and organisation. We all look forward to the next adventure.

David Schoer


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