Ladies of Ulysses

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Ladies of Ulysses

Welcome to our re-branded section honouring the ladies who are an important part of The Ulysses Club Inc. Let us know about them, whether they ride or not, and we start with Dot Camerer, the not-so-easy rider.

They see her here, they see her there, Ulysseans see her everywhere.
At any Ulysses Club function or event in Western Australia, you can usually expect to see Dot Camerer’s smiling face.
Some say she has always been here, and they could be right, because this hard-working editor of The Ithaca Times, the newsletter of the Perth Branch, seems to have been part of Perth Ulysses Branch forever.
It was in 1988 that Dot attended her first meeting, as a pillion behind her boyfriend of the time who had seen an advertisement by Branch founder Alf Bridle 10 years previously.  He did nothing then, but after his wife died, he decided to attend a meeting which happened to be the 10th Anniversary of Perth Branch and Dot was along for the ride.

Always keen to be involved, Dot stepped up when The Ithaca Times editor resigned in 1999, and today she is still producing that popular newsletter. Times have changed of course, for most of those years Dot was producing The Ithaca Times in hard copy, a labour intensive exercise that would change with the introduction of digital technology.

“That was like a whole new world had opened up,” Dot recalls.

“Being able to create the newsletter on a screen, instead of having to run off copies and staple them together, it was amazing.”


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Dot has also served on the Perth Branch committee from time to time, and received the Telemachus Medal earlier this year "For outstanding service to Perth Branch".


Retiring in 2009 from her own secretarial business that she established in Subiaco in 1986, Dot moved to join partner Peter`Bushy’ Bush at the wheatbelt town of Carnamah, halfway between Perth and Geraldton.

Of course, The  Ithaca Times moved with her, and it is still produced from Dot’s Carnamah home.

Dot has also served on the Perth Branch committee from time to time, and received the Telemachus Medal earlier this year "For outstanding service to Perth Branch".

Ulysseans around WA know Dot and the great job she does for Perth Branch, but there might still be some who don’t know her secret – this stalwart of Ulysses Club has never held a motorcycle riders licence, in fact she has never learned to ride a motorcycle!

“I did own a bike for a while, a Suzuki GN 250, but the day I bought it I fell off twice while trying to practice in a carpark,” she said.

“My instructor made me get back on the bike and try again, but I could never remember to put my feet down when I stopped. That definitely causes you to fall over, so I gave up and sold the Suzuki.”

From that day on, Dot was a happy pillion and she remains so to this day.

We don’t know for sure, but `our’ Dot Camerer just might be unique in being a motorcycle club newsletter editor who can’t ride a motorcycle!

Gary Warner #65262.


Who loves their Mum then. Dot Camerer gets a big hug from her sons Leon and Kendon.

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