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Ladies of Ulysses – Bronwyn Beck


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Ladies of Ulysses

I live in Tambo in South West Queensland and took up motorcycling when we lived at Windorah and Jundah. It was in Jundah that I obtained my RE and then R class bike licence.
I started on the road on a Honda CB250 with rides from Jundah to Longreach and Windorah, then later from Tambo to Charleville.
I joined the Ulysses Club recently as my husband Jim is also a member (051942) and is the Queensland rep for the Clubs Road Safety Committee. We love everything motorcycle, we go camping, we tour and we sit around pondering the hard questions in life.
I enjoy the madness of trying to fit everything I think I will need into the limited space on the bike, while Jim’s space is somehow filled with ‘essentials’ a lady on the road needs such as wine, cheese, biscuits and large pillows!

We’ve formed a pretty large social group for where we live. We pick a location and ride there for an overnight stop or for lunch, with some riders travelling over a thousand kilometres for a ride. This is really why I joined Ulysses, the social interactions and the friendship with other people and other ladies who simply want to enjoy life to the fullest.

Off the bike my likes are family first, then our dogs and camping/ travelling throughout Australia.

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I recently got a shiny new black Spyder F3-T and I haven’t stopped grinning every time I ride it. The little Honda will go to our daughter who has her RE licence, so with some luck there will come a day when she tags along on rides with us. We’re riding to Canberra in September for the Wall to Wall (Police Legacy Ride) and will be camping along the way. That’s got me excited as its my first time out of Queensland being in control of a ‘bike’ and I hope to meet more ladies riding.
My first long ride was on the back of Jim’s Superglide from Windorah to Uluru, through SA and back home via Broken Hill. It was November 2009, a serious heatwave hit the NT and I would often fall asleep only to be woken by the bike’s deranged pilot as I listed to the left and right!
I look forward to many years, miles and memories as a Ulysses member and can’t wait to go to a national Rally. Time for Jim to build me a trailer for the Spyder. Now where did he run off to…

I work in the Shire Council office in Tambo, where Jim’s the village ‘bobby’ so if you’re ever in Tambo, look us up and say hi!

Bronwyn Beck #67388

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