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Rallying at Carnarvon and feeding the fish


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Rallying at Carnarvon and feeding the fish

We had a great turnout for this year’s Carnarvon Rally, with 53 people registering for the event.
Rod and Judy came all the way from Tasmania and joined WA members from all over the State. We were very lucky with the weather with temps in the high 20s/low 30s and warm nights making a welcome change from the cold weather in Perth.

The manager at the caravan park suggested the Yacht Club for dinner on Friday night so around 30 of us turned up to outnumber the locals 10 – 1. The very limited menu (chilli-con-carne or nothing) was not to everyone’s taste/liking, but those who stayed enjoyed a huge plate of delicious chilli that was mild enough to suit everyone’s palate. It was a delightful setting as we watched the sun set behind the yachts in the Facine. The Yacht Club staff were very appreciative of us being there as they have been struggling lately to raise money to dredge the inlet since the Government cut the funding to this project.

On Saturday morning, we were up early to feed the hungry hordes and then we were led out to Gascoyne Junction for lunch. On the way, Chris and Dianna decided to try the road to Rocky Pool even though it was muddy from recent rains. Jeff and Di from Armadale followed them, and they were all glad they took the risk as they were met with the stunning vision of the pool surrounded by red pindan soil and contrasting rocks, all framed by eucalypts that were twisted and bent from years of enduring raging floodwaters.

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On the ride out, Jeff’s front wheel dug into the soft sand as he turned slightly, tipping his bike gently onto its side. Luckily, they were only going slowly.
We cruised along through the lovely wide road with sweeping corners, towards Gascoyne Junction, occasionally slowing to allow cattle to cross the road.
Arriving at the Junction we were surprised to find a modern complex with hotel, fuel, general store and caravan park. Apparently, the old hotel was washed away a few years back when the Gascoyne River flooded. The new hotel was built on a new site, hopefully on higher ground.

That night the caravan park organised an entertainer for us; Outback Paddy kept us entertained while we cooked our bbq and ate dinner.
Next morning, we headed off on a ride to the Blowholes and luckily there were a few good sized waves that gave some high water spouts. There was the amusing sight of a group of burly bikers enthralled at throwing pieces of bread into the water to feed the reef fish.
On the way back to town we stopped off at the One Mile Jetty Café for some lunch and a few Ulysseans took a short helicopter ride down the coast and over the town. Dinner that night finished earlier, with people drifting off to watch the MotoGP and others heading to bed hoping to get an early start on the ride home to miss the forecast rain.
Thanks to everyone who helped this year. It gave the organisers a chance to enjoy the weekend without working too hard.

Peter Moore #47546.

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