Riding The Loop The Hard Way

Riding The Loop The Hard Way
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THERE are not many challenges left.

Forty-five years have passed since the first recorded motorcycle ride around Australia, and since then “riding The Loop” has found its way on to many bucket lists.

It’s easier today of course, on better roads and much better motorcycles, built for long journeys and equipped with lots of comfort equipment. One of our newest members, however, is doing it the hard way.

Julie Jasper #67197, a 50 yo social worker from Albany, WA, has worked with victims of family and domestic violence, people who have experienced the damaging effects of drug and alcohol abuse while living in extremely controlled and unhealthy environments.

Writing a journal blog of her trip, Julie hopes to restore some balance, some hope, and to help provide healing for these once 'silenced victims', her ride has been dubbed “The Silent Tour”.

Her challenge is that Julie is doing it on the motorcycle she fell in love with and bought two years ago – a 1942 Indian 741 Military Scout known as Mz Ella.

On their first ride together, Julie reached for the controls of her previous bike and crashed into a shed, breaking a leg in the process. Her healing time was spent rebuilding Mz Ella, then the trip began last March. Not for long, as Mz Ella’s engine decided Perth was a good place for another rebuild.

It was too, as Mz Ella was placed in the hands of Murray Morrell, accurately described as an `Indian Specialist’. Three weeks later, with Mz Ella running like new and Murray generously donating his extensive time, the dynamic duo were on the road again.

Last we heard, Julie and Mz Ella were enjoying the weather at Exmouth and contemplating the ride `across the top’ and down the east coast.

All proceeds go to Albany Community Foundation, Julie prefers not to handle money, so donations are welcome at a link from her website; http://www.thesilenttour.com/

Riding around Australia on a 75 year old rigid `hardtail’ frame, with two little springs under the seat and the modern addition of an Airhawk cushion.

Yep, that sounds like a hard way to do it.

Gary Warner #65262

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

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