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No wonder we belong to the Ulysses Club

I received a phone call from Kent Morrow (better known as Whiskers), a member of the Bendigo Ulysses, who had been to the Wauchope AGM and was visiting Coffs Harbour.

He needed to get a new throttle cable for his Triumph America and had to wait a few days. But when he picked the bike up and was riding back to his accommodation, he was quite unwell. Looks like pneumonia picked up somewhere in his travels.

After deciding to send the bike home by truck, he contacted several companies who would take his bike but not the trailer. Go figure!!!

So… what to do with the trailer? Well, when you belong to Ulysses naturally you call a local Ulyssean, and so I received his call. Kent told me his plight and was wanting to know if someone could pick his trailer up and mind it for a couple of weeks until he was able to return to Coffs with his car to take it home.

Although I live 26km north of Coffs, I had room in my garage. I told him that I would come down and pick the trailer up and store it at my place until he returned.

Almost 2 weeks later he arrived from Bendigo in (4 wheels unfortunately). I put him up for the night and off he set with trailer and a big smile first thing the following morning.

No wonder I renewed my membership of Ulysses without a second thought, as this is just the sort of camaraderie we experience being members of this wonderful club.

Mike Mellefont #64321

Secretary, Coffs Coast Branch.

  1. From Whiskers #21461

Thank you to Mike for your assistance with the trailer and providing me with overnight accommodation when I came to pick up the trailer. We had a great night getting to know each other and discussing the merits of belonging to the Ulysses Club.


Photo Caption; Whiskers (left) and me with the said trailer.

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