Vince …The Good Aussie


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Vince …The Good Aussie

We went to the AGM at Renmark, took a week to get there and spent a week there. Tripped around, saw lots then after we planned to travel up towards Ayres rock and then onto Alice Springs then to the Three Ways and back to Rockhampton.

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We got to Woomera, stayed the night there, we hoped to get on the road early the next morning so we could spend a couple of hours at Coober Pedy. But the fog stopped us so we waited at Spuds roadhouse. We chatted to some caravaners also travelling up to do Ayres Rock and onto Alice Springs. My sweetie was talking to a lady who had a 5th wheeler, something we had considered to buy one day. She noticed they had a bike in their kitchen area (K1200 BMW). She grabbed me to show me what these people had inside their van. Pretty cool I thought.…drop the back tailgate down….out with the bike and off they go.
Later the fog lifted so we said hurray to everybody, travel safe and all that…..hopped on my Harley started it up and it coughed, spluttered, ran sick and stopped..…that was the end of our trip right there in the middle of nowhere.…..I realized we had to get my Harley to Alice Springs to get it fixed. So I plucked up some courage and went up to the owner of the 5th wheeler and asked him if he would like to ride his bike to Alice and I would drive his van and would pay for all the petrol. I explained my Harley was sick and I was in a real spot of bother.  He said that I could ride his bike and he would be happy to deliver my Harley to Alice when he gets there in a few days as he and his wife were also going to Ayres Rock and then onto Alice Springs. So we swapped bikes and our holiday was back on track (after 10 scary minutes), then I got his name and phone number…..That’s a true Aussie for ya ….gave me his bike, put my bike into his van before I knew his name….you don’t get more Aussie than that.

So I learnt to ride this BMW K1200 from the van to the petrol bowser some 20 metres, filled it up and hit the road……tested the brakes a few times to get the feel of bloody good brakes then straight to 130 kph onwards to Ayres Rock then to Alice. Waited a day for them to arrive to dropped my Harley off at the dealer. I had the mechanic waiting at the door ready to fix my bike….4 hours later and lots of tests, only to find my after-market race-tuner was faulty.….cant fix it here this week the mechanic said .… so I phoned up Vince and said I’m on my knees again begged him if he could take my bike to Barcaldine (600 kms from Rockhampton) where he was going to turn off and head for New Castle. The good Aussie bloke again helped us and dropped my bike off at Barcaldine. I arranged for a friend to meet us there with my trailer (another good Aussie). We gave Vince some money to cover all his petrol, beer, wine, camping fees and more …he reluctantly took it. I had to force it into his hands, he said its not about money…..shit happens, he said. He saved our holiday and got my bike to where I could get it home and saved me a fortune. …..that’s Aussies for ya ……I love the Australian spirit  …I’m a Kiwi.   

Vince and His wife Adele, also went to the Renmark AGM in their caravan and did day trips on their bike and we look forward to meeting up with them next year at Mornington.

Bob Schoevaart – # 65810

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